Role of Myoinositol in Reducing Insulin Resistance in PCOS Patients

1. Abstract
Despite affecting 5-10% of all reproductive age women PCOS is the most ill understood endocrinological disease. First recognized by Stein &Leventhal in 1935, PCOS is charcaterized by polycystic ovaries, menstrual irregularities and clinical/biochemical hyperandrogenism and infertility. It has been related to heredity, environmental factors, obesity at birth and insulin resistance. These patients are liable to go into metabolic syndrome cardiovascular disease and type II diabetes mellitus, in later life. Hence the study was done using myoinositol to treat obese and normal weight patients to see its effect on HOMA Index and Plasma Glucose/ Insulin ratio.A case control study of 50 PCOS 50 patients were given 2gms myoinositol plus 500mg folic acid. 50 patients were given only 500mg folic acid to see the effect of myoinositol on the HOMA index &gulocose/insulin ratio It was seen that the glucose/insulin ratio siginificantly improved in the patients receiving myoinositol. Hence it was seen to be a useful treatment incases of PCOS, to reduced the insulin resistance.